The Power Behind Our Products

Sure, you have all the latest gadgets and products for your whole-home automation, but do you have the network to support it? Optimizing your home automation experience requires a low-voltage infrastructure. Plug in to the power of Emily Grene, a leading provider of electrical and low voltage services, who drives EG Home’s robust network. From electric, low-voltage to ultramodern smart-home technologies, our service platform is nationwide and under one roof.

Together, we’ll build your network efficiently, using state-of-the-art technology. And it’ll be safe for your family and the planet.

Zero Headaches, Guaranteed.

If you have cable TV or internet, you’ve probably spent some time waiting for the cable guy. And waiting. And waiting.

As your custom home automation company, we’ll take that burden off your shoulders and so you can spend your day doing … anything else. We make sure your internet and cable TV solutions are the best available. Since you can’t work unless your network does, we make it our priority to oversee the entire installation and setup of your network.

Not Just Any Network

The long-standing experience of our engineers, programmers, technicians, electricians and home automation experts sets EG Home apart. We know what works in a particular situation or environment, and what doesn’t. And we know which products it takes to achieve a premium level of quality.

Here’s what you can expect to get to power your EG Home network:

Watt Box





Wireless Access Points

That said, no system is one-size-fits-all. We’ll customize your system for your home and your needs. Contact one of our system integrators today to learn more.